Saturday, October 25, 2008

What it feels like living in Armenia?

When I am asked what it feels like to live in Armenia, I cannot answer immediately. Not because I do not know the answer but because there are so many that I do not know to which of them I should give priority…

Living in Armenia is pride and responsibility at the same time. I am proud that I live here, on the crossroad of Eastern and Western civilizations. At the same time I have the sense of responsibility to preserve my country and introduce it to the whole world. After all, there are not many countries in the world where you can find the 1st Christian church built in the 4th century, where hospitable people live who are always nice to their guests and do their best to make visitors people feel like they are at home.

Armenia is a small country and it is hard to find it from the first look at the map. But it is a diverse country where one can find diversity and something memorable in every city and even every village of this country.

The first city where people usually go when they are in Armenia is Yerevan. They will probably be shown the Matenadaran where ancient manuscripts are kept, or Opera House which is the symbol of culture or the Republic Square which is the heart of our city, heart of our country. But there are so many beautiful places outside Yerevan. Though I have lived all my life in Yerevan and it is my home, I find much more interesting things outside of Yerevan, in the proud mountains of our country. The monastery of Tatev, Goshavank, Haghartsin, Karahunch, Zvartnots are the places where you feel the breath of centuries. Armenia is a place where everybody will find something familiar or amazing. It is the place where you always find new answers to your questions and new questions without answers. It is the place where you hear the wind speaking and the mountains whispering…


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