Thursday, November 6, 2008

The pearl of Armenia

One of the most famous pearls of Armenia is Lake Sevan. It is the one the most visited places by Armenians in Armenia. Not only because there is no access to see in Armenia, but because it is incredibly beautiful and once you visit it, you want to return and admire its beauty over and over again.

Sevan is a place where one can relax, have some swim and just watch the waves of the lake or how the sun is hiding itself behind the mountains.

Sevan constitutes about 5% of the all territory of Armenia, situated about 2000 meters above the sea level. One the Russian writers, Maxim Gorky, after visiting Sevan said it looked like as if a piece of sky came down to the surface of the earth among the Geghama mountains.

Like almost all places in Armenia, Sevan is also a bearer of Armenian culture. Sevanavank is a monastery located near the lake on a peninsula. It was founded in 874 by Princess Miriam, the daughter of the king Ashot I. To reach the monastery, one has to walk up the stairs for almost 10 minutes by feet. But when you reach the top, the monastery, you never regret finding yourself there. From the monastery the lake Sevan becomes even more beautiful. The panorama is admiring.

With the years, the level of water in Sevan fell, discovering the historical cultural secrets hidden under the lake, near the shore. Some of archeological artifacts found date to the 1st century B.C, some of them coming from the Bronze Age.

The temperature of the water of Sevan is about 18-22 Celsius in summers. The lake is rich of different kind of fishes that are very popular among Armenians. Many Armenians go to Sevan for eating fish there.


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