Friday, November 14, 2008

Yerevan at Night

The heart of Armenia - Yerevan is especially beautiful at night, when all the buildings are covered with sparkling lights, streets shine with the numerous modern and ethnic shops and restaurants that look so attractive and inviting. Tired after a long working day, but still full of energy, Armenians are walking along the streets in pairs, groups or just alone, admiring the city at night.
Here you can also meet numerous tourists from all over the world, who came to watch the Singing Fountains at the Republic Square or just to have walk along tiny streets.
You must be here to feel it...


Disordinedeimedici said...

ciao dall'italia

Armine Karakhanyan, Narine Hovakimyan said...

Very colourful site!!!
And picturesque descriptions!!!
Great Job!!! Thank you very much!!!
Good luck!!!

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